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There are four types of monsters. Normal, champions, rare, and bosses.

Normal Monsters[edit]

Normal monsters have black nameplates and have the default traits of the given monster type.

Champion Monsters[edit]

Champion monsters have blue nameplates. Depending on the difficulty they have one, two, or three champion traits on normal, nightmare, and hell difficulties, respectively. These traits are randomly assigned and can be assigned to any normal monster. Champions have enhanced health and reward higher levels of experience. They also guarantee at least two magical items.

Fire Enchanted[edit]

  • Casts conflagration
  • Casts fireball
  • Increased casting frequency
  • Increased fire resistance
  • All physical melee hits for additional fire damage
  • Explodes for fire damage on death

Cold Enchanted[edit]

  • Casts ice shard
  • Casts blizzard
  • Increased casting frequency
  • Increased cold resistance
  • All physical melee hits for additional cold damage
  • Explodes for cold damage on death

Lightning Enchanted[edit]

  • Casts energy bolt
  • Casts static field
  • Increased casting frequency
  • Increased lightning resistance
  • All physical melee hits for additional lightning damage
  • Explodes for lightning damage on death

Poison Enchanted[edit]

  • Casts poison cloud
  • Casts envenom
  • Increased casting frequency
  • Increased poison resistance
  • All physical melee hits for additional poison damage
  • Explodes for poison damage on death


  • Summons two pets
  • Casts lava shield
  • Mob receives 3 random direct damage spells and a random DoT spell
  • Increased casting frequency


  • Casts Iron Maiden
  • Increased strength and intelligence
  • Uses backstab
  • Uses shadow kick


  • Casts Flurry
  • Increased attack speed
  • Uses shadow kick


  • Increased maximum health
  • Larger appearance
  • Casts Enrage


  • Casts Barrier
  • Increased physical defense
  • Casts Weaken


  • Casts Sanctuary
  • All resists are increased


  • Fast run speed
  • Always runs from battle to get help
  • Casts Heal
  • Casts Blind


  • Casts Drain
  • All physical attacks absorb health
  • Casts Yawn
  • Casts Heal


  • Casts Mind Drain
  • All physical attacks drain your mana
  • Casts Silence


  • Explodes for physical damage on death and heals all allies
  • Casts Heal
  • Uses shadow kick


  • All damage given and taken is reduced by 25%
  • Casts Rune
  • Casts Lava Shield
  • Casts Silence


  • Stun, fear, silence duration time is reduced based on difficulty level
    • Normal reduction 80%
    • Nightmare reduction 66%
    • Hell reduction 50%
  • Casts Resolution
  • Casts Fear
  • Casts Heal

Crippling Aura[edit]

  • Your heals half as effective
  • Uses shadow kick
  • Casts Weaken

Disruption Aura[edit]

  • Your cast time increases by 30%
  • Casts Confuse
  • Casts Mind Numb
  • Casts Silence

Conviction Aura[edit]

  • Reduces all of your resistances by 50%
  • Mob receives 3 random direct damage spells and a random DoT
  • Increased casting frequency
  • Casts Amplify Magic

Concussive Aura[edit]

  • Global cooldown times are increased 30%
  • Casts Confuse
  • Casts Blind

Ensnaring Aura[edit]

  • Run chance is reduced by 33%
  • Casts Thorn Shield
  • Casts Root

Zealous Aura[edit]

  • Reduces the attack speed of all monsters by half a second
  • Casts Blind
  • Casts Heal

Shredding Aura[edit]

  • Reduces your armor by 80%
  • Uses Backstab
  • Uses Shadow Kick

Rare Monsters[edit]

Rare monsters have gold nameplates. They are slightly harder than normal mobs, but do not have traits like champions. Rare monsters have a much higher chance to drop unique loot.


Bosses are the most powerful monsters in NeverGrind. They drop anywhere from 3-6 items per kill. Phinigel has a -1 item drop penalty since his quest is so short. Bosses have the highest rare loot drop chance in the game. In particular, the first time you kill a boss on each difficulty there is a "first kill" loot bonus that sets the unique drop rates very high.

NeverGrind has the following bosses in the game: