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Magicians are offensive spellcasters that focus on pet mastery. They have the ability to summon four different elemental types: earth, air, fire, and frost. Each elemental has its own strengths and abilities. In addition, Magicians have an array of powerful spells at their disposal including firestorm, frozen orb, psionic storm, and a stasis field for crowd control.

Class orientation: Offensive Spellcaster, Pet, Cloth Armor


Lava Bolt, Earth Elemental, Air Elemental, Fire Elemental, Frost Elemental, Shield of Lava, Firestorm, Phantom Plate, Frozen Orb, Burnout, Mana Shield, Elemental Armor, Psionic Storm, Reclaim Elements, Elemental Fury, Armageddon, Stasis Field, Altered State


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