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Bards are utility hybrids that use the power of their songs to defeat their foes. Bard songs offer a lot of variety and can be used to achieve victory in a wide variety of circumstances. Their songs can lull monsters to sleep, inflict magical damage, slow your targets, and even charm a monster to fight for you. Bards also have a weak version of the tracking skill, which helps find rare monsters.

Class orientation: Utility Hybrid, Pet, Plate Armor


Track, Chords of Dissonance, Chant of Battle, Selo's Accelerando, Hymn of Restoration, Song of the Sirens, Boastful Bellow, Elemental Rhythms, Lucid Lullaby, Consonant Chain, Denon's Dissension, Chorus of Clarity, Anthem De Arms, Euphonic Hymn, Shield of Songs, and Desperate Dirge


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